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Bing Desktop is a gadget that provides quick access to Bing search engine
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Bing is an Internet search engine developed by Microsoft. Although still far behind Google, Bing is used as the main means to find information on the web by many people, while others use it to get “a second opinion.”

Bing Desktop is just another gadget that provides quick access to this search engine. Using Bing Desktop will present no difficulty, even if you are an all-thumbs computer user. It shows a search box on the desktop. Just type the words you are searching for and press Enter, and this software will automatically open the Bing results page in your default browser.

Right-clicking on the program’s window will let you adjust the settings. You may pin the search box to the center or the top of the desktop. As an attractive addition, Bing Desktop offers to update your desktop with Bing’s daily image. If you prefer, you can also have the software run during Windows startup.

Just remember that the quality of the search results does not depend solely on the engine you are using. In fact, it will depend on your ability to use the appropriate words and search operators, and mostly on your aptitude to discriminate useful information from junk.

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  • It provides instant access to Bing
  • It is light


  • Unnecessary for experienced users
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